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I've decided to stop writing in this blog after 4 years. Thanks to the many thousands of people who have visited and some who have made a donation.

One of the reasons for discontinuing is that it is made with BlogWaveStudio and the developer of this fine application for Mac no longer supports the software.

A new blog is integral to my newly vamped site here.


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logoA week has now passed since I met with Clifford Beasley to make his web site, www.churchinthehouse.net - Cithnet. The church is being featured on BBC television some time soon.

Cliff introduced the church group to the website last Sunday. The site contains information about the 'church in the house' idea.

I also made a Web Developers version of the site which contains a blog to help us develop the site as a team.


Camille - Au Port

Camille - Live on 'Later'.


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Edexcel STOP GCE Music and Music Technology

Dear Colleague,

I have today been informed, in writing, by Edexcel that they have 
decided not to seek re-accreditation for GCE Music and Music 
Technology from QCA.

This in effect means that they are not going to offer these A level 
subjects after 2009 – thus the last AS intake of students will be 
in September 2007.

The reasons given behind this decision are (and I quote)
….’ We believe that the complexity of the current assessment model 
and constraints of the new subject criteria have made it impossible 
to produce a sustainable specification which will be attractive to 
schools and colleges. Therefore our strategy is to focus on the 
BTEC Music and Music Technology provision which has proved popular 
in our centres. We hope that centres will choose to move to the 
appropriate BTEC National Awards in Music and Music Technology….’

This decision has been reached without ANY consultation from senior 
examiners. I have not been asked to attend any meetings about this 
matter, or to submit my opinions or ideas in relation to the 
‘viability’ of a new music technology syllabus. QCA have created 
separate subject criteria for Music Technology, and these would, in 
my opinion, make it feasible to develop a very creative and 
attractive qualification for schools and colleges.

There appears to have been little thought given to the implications of this decision. As the sole examination board providing Music Technology, this decision in effect kills off A level music technology – at a time when student numbers are growing, centre 
investment in resources has been significant, and university acceptance of the subject is good.

The assumption that centres will migrate easily to BTEC is at best 
naïve and at worst demonstrates a total lack of understanding of 
the two very different qualifications. The majority of centres 
offering AS and A2 do not offer BTEC qualifications and are 
unlikely to do so.

I would urge you to help force Edexcel to reconsider this decision by sending an email or letter to various interested parties such as the Chief Exec of Edexcel, Mr Jerry Jarvis 
jerry.jarvis@edexcel.org.uk, QCA, your local MP or another interested supportive party. I believe that it would be very useful to enlist the assistance of your Headteacher or Principal in securing additional writing communication to Edexcel about this matter, and please feel free to print out a copy of this letter and 
show it to them.

It is my considered opinion that we must unite to stop an American PLC (Pearson who own Edexcel) dictating the content and format of music education within the UK, and that we must ensure that future generations of students have the ability to study and be accredited with, GCE AS and A2 qualifications in Music Technology.

If you have any suggestions as to how we can progress this campaign over the next few days, please feel free to email me.

Yours truly, Andrew J Kitchenham, Chair of Examiners, Music Technology



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Billy Preston

Billy has gone, the 5th Beatle, the extra Rolling Stone.
Billy gave us that extra added value. I only got to see Billy a few times, he had that special quality as a musician, the art of understatement. So gifted, so soulful and full of feeling. See for example his contribution to Travelogue double CD by Joni Mitchell when he poetically plays lightening strikes on Hammond. Bless you Billy.




Due to recent events and loss of work, I am having difficulty making ends meet. I'd really appreciate the help right now, it's never been as hard as it is now to make ends meet. So if you enjoy my website and associated pages. My .mac subsciption is due and costs £68.99

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North Devon

Exmoor RangerSuperb weather these past few days allowed us to have a wonderful half-term break in North Devon. This little railway engine is on loan to the Lynmouth and Barnstable Railway.

> North Devon Flickr Photo set.
> www.flickr.com


Homepage 2.0

The alpha version of a new website is online here. CSS rendering does net yet work well with Internet Explorer.


John Wesley Barker - Last.fm

Further dablings in music distribution. Transit Of Venus 1 & 2 played by Garritan Personal Orchestra flute sound is now available to play on John Wesley Barker's Label Page - Last.fm


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for 5 saxes, bass drum, drums
with optional piano, synthesizer and fretless bass.
Birdland - Scorch page
Work in Progress


Pink Panther Theme

for 5 saxes, triangle & whistle, drums, piano and bass
arranged by John Wesley Barker

> Pink Panther Theme - HENRY MANCINI - Scorch page with MP3.

download Scorch

Score and Set of Parts to print available: PDF files here...


Edgar Broughton Band - Yahoo! Group

Established on the 20th April in response to the band being back out there.

Good move Neil. All you fans sign up now to the Edgar Broughton Band Yahoo! Group.

> www.edgarboughtonband.co.uk - Official Band Website
> Edgar Broughton Band Yahoo! Group - Yahoo! Group

If you've arrived here from the Group, leave a Comment below.


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Lyme Regis

Graham and JohnA couple of days in Lyme Reigs with the best of friends. Was great to see Graham and Debbie after 16 years. We searched for fossils on Monmouth Beach and marvelled at the Jurassic Beach.

> Lyme Regis Flickr Photo set.
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Mr Potato Head

Mr Potato Head
Mr Potato Head - mugshot.


Daniel Barenboim - Reith Lecture 1

In the Beginning was Sound at time: 37'58"
Julian Joseph (Jazz pianist) Where do you see improvisation in that whole area of learning from music?

Daniel Barenboim (conductor & pianist) Improvisation is the highest form of art for me.

> BBC Radio 4- Reith Lectures 2006
> www.danielbarenboim.com


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